YOUR Product update | September 2022

The goal of YOUR is to become the worldwide largest and highest quality product content database for digital and physical products built by its community. Everyone can be a creator, curator or content partner to help make this possible. To keep our community updated, we will provide an update on new developments and growth of the product monthly.


The database contains over 8 million enriched digital and physical products. These content types include descriptions, images, videos and reviews.

Product highlight

An example of an enriched product profile is the Apple MacBook Pro M1, shown below.


As YOUR aims to become the largest community-built product content database, it is important to categorize the products to maintain a scalable and searchable structure. The current database counts 2574 active verticals. YOUR aims to expand electronics first, before moving on to other verticals. When this vertical is completely built out, a new vertical will be expanded.


The database contains over 37.000 brands. Smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung and computer brands like Asus and Dell are all included, but also digital product brands like Bored Ape Yacht Club will be available at YOUR.

Created content, curated content and content users

When YOUR has launched, numbers around created and curated content and the count of content users will also be discussed in this update. YOUR is highly motivated and working non stop to make its vision to become the largest community built product content database a reality, together with you.

Join our community

YOUR’s database and community are growing rapidly. Join Testnet today to be part of this vision!

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YOUR is the Wikipedia of product content. We are building the first product content NFT marketplace for Physical and Metaverse products.