YOUR is the Wikipedia of product content

In the world of e-commerce and metaverse, product content is crucial. Having all the information about a product in one place is important for the buying decision. By creating the Wikipedia for product content (YourContent), we give buyers the possibility to learn everything about the product. Like Wikipedia it will be free for individuals to research products but the difference is that companies need to pay for the bulk content usage.

Companies like Amazon, AliExpress, Decentraland and Sandbox are in need of extensive product profiles to improve their customer experience and increase conversion rates.

So with YOUR everyone can create content, own it and earn money by enabling product content for the world.

YOUR has a create to earn model. By using this model YOUR empowers people to:

1. Create

You can create content about anything concerning either a specific physical product or any digital product. This can be basic content like professional image, product description, specifications or user generated content like an experience or a video.


For every product in the world YOUR will create a product content NFT to which creators can add their content. The contributors to this product will become co-owner of this NFT. These ownerships will be registered on the Solana Blockchain in a smart contract. Owners can store, bundle or transfer ownership through the Yourcontent platform.

3. Earn

Creators will earn direct and future rewards based on their contribution. The direct rewards will incentivise creators with direct rewards for their creations. This gives an extra incentive to the creators to start creating and earning today. The Future Rewards will be generated by companies like Amazon, Decentraland, Sandbox etc that will pay for the usage of the product content NFTs. These earnings will be distributed to the owners of the used NFTs according to their ownership percentage.

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YOUR is the Wikipedia of product content. We are building the first product content NFT marketplace for Physical and Metaverse products.