How YOUR will defy this bear market side by side with its Community

Public Token Sale of YOUR

YOUR initiated a public token sale at launchpad Solanium and Infinity Pad in the first quarter of 2022. After the IDO platforms opened its digital doors, it was sold out in a couple of hours. With great enthusiasm, energy and knowledge people invested in YOUR.

YOUR built by its Community

Our community has already been informed that we decided to postpone the Token Generation Event (TGE) for a couple of months. This was a hard decision but necessary due to difficult market conditions. We’ve been looking for the optimum moment that will protect the money of the investors and give the highest chance to realise our vision together. We want to thank our community, consisting of investors, product believers, content users etc. for their support and patience.

Refunding the IDO, why?

This means that during these hard times we want to offer all our first believers the chance to redeem their investment. Together we can and will survive this bear market. For YOUR this means that we will refund the investment to the retail investors who believed in YOUR, to help them survive this bear market.

How is it refunded?

YOUR has ordered the IDO platforms Solanium & Infinity Pad to refund the invested amount of every investor.

New Public Token Sale right before TGE

TGE will be postponed to a later date, right before this event we will do our IDO again on Infinity Pad and Solanium. The IDO investors on Infinity Pad will keep their ticket. We want to give our first believers the chance to participate in our vision and success.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop in our Telegram group or Discord and let us know!



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YOUR is the Wikipedia of product content. We are building the first product content NFT marketplace for Physical and Metaverse products.